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Are you an experienced and reliable Engineer or Oilfield Consultant? Do you believe well-paid should just be a starting point?

If so, we can help you find your next role. We supply talented individuals such as yourself to some of the largest oil & gas companies in the world - and provide industry-leading, on-demand support for our consultants.


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Oilfield born and bred, we specialize in workforce solutions.

Tell us what your specific needs, wants & job requirements are, and we’ll pinpoint a well-vetted & qualified Engineer or Consultant that is sure to blend well with your existing team.

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Upstream International was founded in 2004 when oilfield veterans Bob Verrett and Glen Alldredge believed they could provide superior consultants and engineers, create more value for clients and a better standard for oil & gas professionals seeking work opportunities. We've grown to service more than 40 clients, but our values remain the same.

We've been there. We'll be here. 

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