Scott Verrett

Scott’s passion for the oilfield is perhaps due to the fact he is 2nd generation oilfield or perhaps it is due to the unique people this has allowed him to meet and places he has both worked and lived in. Scott’s career started with MI (Later known as MISwaco and even later became part of Schlumberger) as a mud engineer in Thailand. After Thailand, he went on to work in several different countries, such as China, Ecuador, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei as a mud engineer and later in a variety of capacities. While working as a mud engineer, he worked all manner of rigs, Land Rigs, Swamp Barges, Jack-Ups, Semisubmersibles, and Drill Ships while using all manner of drilling fluids from Low Solids Non Dispersed to Lime to High Performance Water Based Muds to Oil and Synthetic Based Muds. After paying his dues in the field, Scott went on to work in varying capacities in off ending as the Country Manager of Malaysia and Brunei. After Scott’s stint overseas he returned back to the US to work in the Gulf of Mexico and then for US Land as the Manager for South Texas and the Southeast. All told he has worked for MISwaco for nearly 20 years before Scott joined the Upstream International Family in 2018.