Maximizing production is the goal and experienced Directional Drillers are the means.

Upstream International’s Directional Drillers have earned a worldwide reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive integration of client processes and personnel delivers drilling performance with faster rates of penetration, superior hole quality and precise wellbore placement. We offer a variety of directional drillers for all applications – from land to deep water environments to extended-reach shale drilling. Our Directional Drillers are involved in the planning, execution, and management of all phases of any directional drilling job to assist in delivering services that meet or exceed client expectations. Our Directional Drillers are successful, relentless, versatile learners and adapt easily to new situations. They have the ability to use logic to solve problems and are personally committed to continuous improvement. Their work style is to pursue everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish.

Directional Driller Supervisor Services

  • Provides on-site supervision of the Directional Drilling (DD) process including projection of well path to pre-determined target coordinates.
  • Understands principles of Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) selection and aspects of Directional Drilling performance and ensures that BHA’s are assembled as planned, including correct make-up torque, doping and handling.
  • Proficient in the use of Directional Drilling computer software and be able to assist in provision of advice and analysis to the client representative at the work site. This shall   include all survey calculations, well path projections, BHA analysis, torque and drag modeling and vibration analysis.
  • Ensures well profile plots are kept up to date and provide client representative with directional survey data.
  • Aware of client’s requirements with regards to surveying procedures.
  • Assists in the completion of a daily Directional Drilling report and copy to client’s offshore and/or onshore drilling teams and to the Direction Drilling Coordinator (DDC).
  • Assists in the completion of a full and proper BHA performance report for each BHA run. This report should contain detailed and accurate BHA dimensions as well as expected versus actual BHA performance, conclusions, and recommendations. These reports will form the basis of the End of Well Report to be submitted to the DDC at the end of the job. Assists in the completion of all service tickets and relevant paperwork (well data spreadsheet, lesson learned/best practice, End of Job Customer Survey (EJCS) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) forms).
  • Ensures that the Directional Drilling aspects of the well being drilled comply with client’s approved drilling program. If a deviation from the well plan is required, this will be discussed with the senior DD Specialist or DDC.
  • Assists with inspection of all company equipment for use in the directional portion of the work when delivered to the work site. Interfaces with the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) engineer to ensure BHA compatibility, planned operating parameters are within specification and correct tool face references are applied.
  • Maintains records of all Directional Drilling equipment at well site including dimensional data and condition.
  • Ensures that all equipment is laid out after use according to company procedures and manifested for backload at the end of the job.
  • Participates in performance improvement initiatives as required by the Company Must possess good communication skills, arithmetic, data entry, and recording skills.
  • Has the ability to read and interpret designed well plans and to interpret directional survey information and other well-site data.
  • Promotes safety awareness and environmental consciousness, and complies with all applicable safety and environmental procedures and regulations.
  • Ensures compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations and guidelines.
  • Promotes and takes an active part in quality improvement processes.